On the 22nd of May, my college arranged a one day trip to Malacca. The objective of the trip was to learn about science at the Malacca Planetarium and to interview tourists. We started out journey to Malacca at 7. 30a. m. by bus. On the way to Malacca, unfortunately, the bus I was on has a technical problem thus it delayed our journey. The bus driver went in and out of the bus. Everyone panicked and was worried about the trip. We prayed to Allah that the trip would go smoothly. Finally after 20 minutes waiting patiently, praise to Allah, the problems was resolved and the bus was moving again.

Since we were in group A, our first stop was at Malacca Planetarium. We queued outside the planetarium quietly waiting for instructions from the accompanying teachers, Puan Marlenie and Puan Rahifah. Finally, after waiting patiently under the scorching sun, we could go into the planetarium. The planetarium was quite dark and cold, but amazing. There was an enormous sun replica in the corner, light in the shape of stars on the floor, spaceship stimulator and lots of cool activities like spotting constellations and making rainbows out of light and mirrors. We were so fascinated by the exhibits they have there about all the planets and stuff.

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They are very informative and we got to learn things that we never knew before. Later, we watched the 3D space theatre about space. We learned that asteroids were made of ice and how the moon was created. It was truly an awesome experience because the pictures were popping out from the big screen on the ceiling. After watching it, we had some educational but fun activities like making a comet. Did you know? A comet is made of dry ice, water, soil and ammonia. At 1 o’clock, we went back into the bus. The bus took us to a nearby mosque. It was so big and magnificent. We performed our prayers.

After that, we took our lunches and ate under a big, shady tree. Everyone has the same lunch of course, which was rice, chicken in soy sauce, some vegetables, a banana, a raisin bun and a bottle of mineral water. We were so hungry, we gobbled all the food up in a minute. Our next stop was Pahlawan Walk where we will be hunting for tourist and interviewing them. It took approximately 15 minutes to get there. The bus dropped us off in front of the Taming Sari Tower. Puan Marlenie and Puan Rahifah let us go on our own. They told us to be in front of the Taming Sari Tower in 2 hours. We were divided into groups of 7.

My group members were Maisarah, Arina, Hafizah, Amirah, Aainisa and Phoojaa. We met and interviewed a lot of tourists. They were mostly from America, Canada and United Kingdom. Our favourite tourists were two best friends, Taija and Maggie who are from Canada. They have just finished their studies in university and decided to have a holiday in Malaysia. They are staying at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and so far have been in Malaysia for 10 days. They commented that Malaysia is awesome, hot, very clean, safe and has nice food. Their favourite food is ‘ikan masak asam pedas’. We asked them about the teaching of English in their country.

They told us that in Canada the teachers encourage the students to read lots of books and write imaginative writing. The story doesn’t have to be logical, it all depends on their own creativity. Taija and Maggie also recommended that we can promote, practise and use English among students in Malaysia by speaking it with friends or by reading English books to improve our English. The experience we got on that day was very useful, enjoyable and quite inspiring. It was a wonderful day as it didn’t rain nor too hot. Everyone has a good time. I hope that the college would arrange a trip like this for us again, later in the future.