1. A panic attack is a anxiety disorder that causes physical systoms such as rapid breathing, dulled hearing and vision, and sweating during an episode of a panic attack, people often believe they are having a heart attack. Maybe to see a psychiatrist will help with panic attacks.

2.Evaluate the Big Five trait approaches to personality. Which personality trait best describes you and why? Extraversion Personality describes me the most I am sometimes Talkative, I am a fun loving person and I am very sociable person.

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3.What is self-efficacy? How does this affect your educational goals and career goals? What is the relationship between self-efficacy and self-esteem? Self –esteem is the components of personalities that encompasses our positive and negative self –evaluations. Unlike self –efficacy which focuses on our views of whether we are able to carry out a task, self-esteem relates to how we feel about ourselves.

4.Summarize two theories of intelligence. Which type of intelligence do you think will be strength for you in your current or future career? Explain your answer. Interpersonal Intelligence Knowledge of the internal aspects of oneself: access to one’s own feelings and emotions. I believe that this theory of intelligence will be strength of mine because it involves working with one feeling and emotions. Since I am going into the social worker field after school this will allow me the knowledge of how someone might feel. I will use my past and present feeling and emotions in order to do my job. This will be great theory because I have felt some of the same thing in my life that my clients may be feeling.

5.What are behavioral assessments? What are the benefits of behavioral assessments? What issues might arise from being labeled as the result of taking a behavioral assessment? Behavior assessment is direct measures of an individual’s behavior used to describe personality characteristics. The benefits of behavioral assessments are to observe people in their natural environment such as work or school. The result of taking a behavioral assessment provides a means of assessing the specific nature and incidence of a problem and subsequently allows psychologists to determine whether intervention techniques have been successful.

6. List the major classifications of psychological disorders. Select one and discuss what types of treatment approaches are available for this disorder. A disorder characterized by obsessions or compulsions. Some approaches are to have the person to face the problem hands on for example a person who always washes their hand you might have them go long periods without washing their hands