Last week, sharizat did a good deed for the neighbourhood as he saved the neighbourhood from being destroyed in a fire. It was a hot yet windy evening as sharizat was returning home which are at Taman Bintang Selatan from his school whiuch is nearby after having a study group with his close friend, Choi. Sharizal felt something wrong when he saw a cloud of black smoke came out from one of the home in the neighbourhood.

He was shocked to see fire started to burnt down the house so he decided to look for a nearby telephone booth. Then, he remember ed a telephone booth in front of his home so he ran as fast as he could. He called the fire brigade and the hospital. A few minutes later, the fire engine arrived and it took about an hour to control and put out the fire. The neighbourhood that were worried feit relief when they saw the fire were put off by the fire men.

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Luckly, all the victim escaped before the fire grown larger. The investigation show that the fire started from a careless mistake. Mr. Lee, the victim was greatful to hear that all of his family were saved from the fire and thanked Sharizal for his brave action. Sharizal who felt sorry for the misfortune victim decided to raise fund for the victim on the following day. He was happy that the fund reached over 2 thousand. Mr Lee was happy yet greatful to receive the fund.