Business management is the most popular major among college students because it leads to believe that they can become a leader at any job or career they choose. The word “leader” is used often to describe someone in a position of power. However, it has been overused so much that people confuse being “leaders” with being “in charge. ” Being in charge just means you hold rank over others. There are certain qualities one must have to be a great leader. A great leader must have a vision. Passion is also another necessary quality. A great leader has to be a great decision maker.

And finally, a leader must be a great team builder. In order to be a great leader, you must have a vision of what you want to achieve or what you think the company’s vision is. Just having a vision doesn’t cut it though. You need to be able to communicate your vision to your followers or your team. You may be asking yourself “how? ” You have to learn to paint a picture with words. Express your vision in any way you can. Speak it, draw it, and write it. Use whatever ways and means to create a picture.

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As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t forget that your team needs to be involved in your vision as much as you if you truly want them to have faith in it. Another important characteristic a leader must have is passion. Your passion will encourage your team to work as hard as they can. Think of great leaders from the past, such as Christopher Columbus or Leif Ericson. Their passion inspired their followers to go on dangerous expeditions to discover new lands. Your passion has to motivate them and get them to feel passionate about your company and connect to your vision.

Passion is such an important part of being a good leader. If you aren’t passionate about what you are going to be doing, then you might as well look for other career options. Think of any great leader throughout history. Every single one of them had immeasurable passion towards achieving their vision. When you speak of the vision you have for your company, you must speak passionately about it. Your passion will also motivate your team, inspiring and encouraging them to always do their best. A great leader must also be a great decision maker.

How are you going to make important decisions in your company? What type of decision-making process are you going to use for making them? Some leaders consult with their team and create a list of pros and cons to help them make the best decision. Some leaders have routinely methods, and others naturally come up with ideas to help them with their decision. But you don't want to be one of those leaders who doesn't check in with anyone before making a decision, revealing the alteration the next day and then getting angry when nobody follows it.

Another quality needed to become a great leader is developing a great team, or as some say, a “well-oiled machine. ” You can start by giving different responsibilities to your team and let them be. Don’t breathe down their necks the entire time they’re working, but don’t just leave them alone completely. Make yourself available to answer any questions or problems that might come up. You should also teach your team about different decision-making techniques and let them work through their own decisions. If your team gets a little off track or falls behind deadline, you shouldn’t just start pointing fingers.

You need to let your team know that you are ready to help them and give them support, if needed. That’s when you have to rise up to the occasion and encourage your employees not to give up. You might have to modify plans or make new ones. You should also use humor during a crisis to keep up everyone’s morale. When a crisis emerges, your team is going to look to you to be a pillar of strength. Do you consider yourself a great leader? Or do you have the ambition to become one? To summon up, a great business leader has a vision and can create a picture from that vision that everyone else can see.

When you speak of your vision, you should have so much passion towards achieving it that it will encourage everyone else to believe in your vision and follow along. When important decisions need to be made, don’t be afraid to consult with your team and others for some advice. And you should be able to develop your staff into an extraordinary team. If you can improve your leadership skills using these qualities, you’ll be one step closer to be becoming an extraordinary business leader surrounded by a great team.