In 12 Angry Men, Rose shows that doubt is an easier state of mind than certainty’ Discuss. In the play 12 Angry Men, Reginald Rose uses comparisons between the characters to show that doubt can be an easier stance, then to be certain. At the beginning Rose uses the alienation of juror 8 to depict certainty to be an easier state of mind but as the story progresses the readers are shown negative changes in attitude for the jurors that are certain therefore showing doubt is an easier state of mind in the long run.

Juror 3’s certainty is quickly dismissed by the others when they see flaws in his arguments as it makes him seem foolish as he has no intention of changing his opinion. In the beginning the author makes use of the alienation of juror 8 to display that certainty of the other jurors is a lot easier than to be doubtful. Juror 8 is quickly out casted and despised by the others, only in the beginning is doubt a more difficult mind state than certainty. As the other jurors are able to sit in quiet without having to defend themselves it isn’t until juror 8 questions them that they have to justify their response.

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Juror 8’s opinion was instantly degraded by the others and made out to be irrelevant and incorrect. The 6th Juror portrays arrogance when belittling juror 8 by saying “It’s pretty obvious. I mean, I was convinced from the first day. ” This shows that although the other jurors were able to share their opinions, juror 8 was questioned just because he was doubtful. This shows that he has a strong personality that can deal with the belittling from others.

The way that juror 8 was questioned about his opinion and had to justify it while the others were able to sit there without having to explain themselves, therefore showing that certainty is an easier state of mind than doubt. Further into the play Rose displays the progression of the negative changes in attitude of the jurors presenting the idea that doubt is an easier state of mind than certainty. The 3rd Juror’s transition from his logical verdict starts to manifest onto a more personal level as he starts to become angry and aggressive.

With Juror 3 being the last one to vote guilty, his certainty beings to cause a lot of problems due to his adamant mind frame which causes him to look illogical as he is so determined not to change his mind. It becomes apparent that his certainty wasn’t completely relevant to the case as he personally saw the defendant as his son, and was blinded by the facts. This shows that being certain is a lot more difficult than being in doubt, because the Juror has to stay defending his opinion the whole time with certain concrete arguments.