One the interests and skills test we took it said that, Investigative and conventional is my biggest interests. I think that the investigative part is really correct but the convention is not, I see myself-way more social than conventional. On the skills part it shows that I have a lot of organizational, leadership, and literary. Which, I agree on to the fullest about me being so. There was an only one career suggestion that I actually would care about doing. That career was being an intellectual property lawyer, even though that I would like to do more criminal defense lawyer.

On the Keirsey personality testing it said I was a Guardian Supervisor. It states that I believe in law and order, and to keeping traditions. Better to go slowly, they say, and look before you leap. Im not that well with winging it or blazing new trails, so I stick to a schedule.

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I have the biggest problem with people that don’t step up and become a team player. I really hate it when I help a guy out at work and then when I ask for his help he doesn’t do it! It is really hard to get jobs and goals done in an work environment when someone isn’t working as a team and only thinks about their self.

I prefer that people talk to me as an adult since i practically am one. They don’t need to talk to me like a little kid with soft voice but should do it as a strong voice to help it stick in my head. If I did something wrong I would like to be talked to and not bowed off that it was no big deal.