The Enlightenment in America
In the Ben Franklin selection reading I came upon a question on his public library beginning. Would today be different if there wasn't a public library or any library for that matter in our country?
It all started back in 1730's when Mr. Franklin could not find any good books at the local stores. For those people interested in reading would have to send for their books from England. Mr. Franklin then started having people bring their books to a room where they all decided to bring books to. They ended up making rules for it and paying certain amount of money to get the project going. This library let Ben Franklin the means of improvement by the constant study, for which he spent an hour or two each day. Reading was his only amusement; he did nothing else growing up. So you can see how much this helped the people and himself by forming a so called library.

If there wasn't any public libraries around how could any of us out there study our culture, nature, country, and even ourselves. Having public libraries lets people worry a little less on what they have to spend money on and it also lets a person come into the library and pick a book out to get more knowledge on a subject or just the fact on reading a topic you're interested in. Today also could be corrupt if people didn't learn a simple subject because they didn't have any resources to use or look up on. In a hole, I don't think today's society could get through a lot if they didn't have any readings or understandings about topics.

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