Spear author, author race, summary
Julius Lester (black), Norma a white girl joins an all black class and is teased an taunted. Spear who is the son of a "black power" public speaker stands up for her and eventually falls in love with her SETTING: SCHOOL, PRESENT DAY. THEME:RACISM IS NEVER OKAY
The child, author, author race, summary
Julius Lester (black), Karen is pregnant at a young age, pregnant from a guy named Phillip bc he made her feel special. she is feeling judged on the train SETTING:NEW YORK TRAIN/STATION THEME:DREAMS CAN OVERPOWER ANY JUDGMENT OR SURPRESSED FEELINGS
The Jockey, author, author race, summary
Carson McCullers (white), Bitsy staring at a group of men at a table. wearing a green suit which represents envy of the men. The men think Bitsy is crazy. Sylvester (one of the men) tries to calm Bitsy down but Bitsy still snaps. SETTING: A HOTEL THEME:BUILDING UP ANGER WILL CAUSE PEOPLE TO SNAP AND LOSE THEMSELVES
Desiree's baby, author, author race, summary
Kate Chopin (white) takes place in a small house in L'Abri a man falls in love with Desiree based upon looks. Desiree was adopted at a young age. Armand has a baby with Desiree. The baby turns out to be a light skin and Armand is convinced that Desiree must not be fully white so he makes her leave. The end of the story Armand is reading old letters and discovers that he himself is not fully white and burns the letter which represents burning his past SETTING: A SMALL HOUSE IN L'ABRI THEME: RACISM CAN RUIN LOVE
Story of an Hour, author, author race, summary
Kate Chopin (white), mrs. Mallard is having heart trouble. A train crash took her husbands life. She is at first very sad but then comes to be very happy bc she realized she is free, and can live for herself. Her husband ends up returning and she dies from a heart attack right then and there SETTING:MRS.MALLARDS HOUSE THEME:FEELING OF FREEDOM CAN OVERCOME DESPAIR
Everyday use, author, author race, summary
Alice Walker (black), A fire hurt Mama's daughter maggie. Her daughter Dee changes her name to Wangero to honor her African American heritage. Wangero thinks that mama doesnt appreciate her heritage or honor it. Mama gives the quilts knitted by grandma to Maggie. This upsets Wangero bc she says that Maggie will use it for everyday use and not respect it the way she should SETTING:HOUSE YARD THEME:HERITAGE IS HONORED IN DIFFERENT WAYS
Revelation, author, author race, summary
Flannery O'connor (white), Mrs. Turpin takes her husband Claud to the doctor to check up on his leg ulcer. While in the waiting room, the people there begin to talk poorly about black people and white trash. Mrs. Turpin would rather have been born black than white trash. A teenage girl is glaring at her. The girl has a fit and calls Mrs. Turpin swine and pig. When Mrs. Turpin comes home and sees her swine, she is disgusted because she feels like she is like them. SETTINGS: DOCTORS OFFICE THEME:ONE EVENT CAN CHANGE EVERY THOUGT A PERSON HAS HAD
The star, author, author race, summary
Arthur C. Clarke (white), In space, an unnamed man is doubting his faith in God.He believes he has seen to much corruption and disaster for there to be a God. he is ashamed of his doubting. SETTING: SPACE/ SPACESHIP THEME: DOUBTING CAN TAKE OVER A PERSONS MIND
Harrison Bergeron, author, author race, summary
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (white), it is based in the future where everyone is equal and the government controls everything.Harrison Bergeron was arrested and taken to prison. His parents, George and Hazel cant do much about it. Harrison breaks free from jail and takes over a ballet performance and says that everything shouldnt be equal but he is then killed SETTING: FUTURE IN THE BERGERONS HOUSE THEME:POWER CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING