Most people who are in your Higher level Engineering classes and haven't been weeded out by the introduction classes will all have the same set of interests. The first being that just about everyone who is in the engineering college are not big fans of reading and writing and they love math and science which is why they would rather sit and do a thousand math problems over writing a paper. Secondly just about everyone who is going to succeed in the engineering program is extremely creative.

When you work on group projects in your classes you will notice that everyone will have so many of their own ideas and every individual will be able to bring their own ideas to the project. Its not like high school where if you had a group project everyone would turn to the smartest id in the group for all the answers because everyone else is lazy. Which leads to the next point that to be an engineer you should learn to like working with others. Teamwork is the key.

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When you find a job coming out of college your not going to be working by yourself building and designing a 58 meter windmill blade; you are going to be working with a team of anymore from 10 to 50 people who all bring their own skills set to the table and make the project possible. Speaking of windmills, as engineers we only have one goal in this world, and that is to help humanity. Everything you will do as an engineer ND everything you learn about will help the world out in some way to make the planet a more efficient place for us to live in.

That is why to be an engineer you have to care and you have to want to make things better. Around Campus The Amass Community Amherst is very close knit and incredibly friendly. Although it is easy to get lost in 20,000 students within weeks you will feel like you know everyone. The engineering culture as a whole is very selective on campus. The classes will start off with around 200 to 300 kids in a lecture. But as time moves on you will find that most classes will begin to weed students UT.

Most who drop out of the engineering school find that they don't have enough time do to the work or the curriculum is just too hard for them. But no matter what engineering scholars are distinctly aware that they belong to a specific culture, which has very clear guidelines about what it means to be an engineer. Homework There is a lot of coursework within each class and some homework assignments can take up to 5 hours at a time. There are a few very important things to keep in mind within the engineering program as well as there are within any major at Amass.

The first most important thing is to never wait until the last minute to start an engineering homework assignment. If you try to do this you will never the class because most assignments take days of thinking and it is almost impossible to finish within an hour it is due. There will always be tons of extra help sessions for each class you have. And the only advice to give here is to go to all of them. They can be so helpful and your Tat's well help you pass the class because they have been helping out students with that class for years and they know exactly what is going to be on those exams.