Engineering as Social Experimentation Similarities to Standard Experiments 1. Any project is carried out in partial ignorance. 2. The final outcomes of engineering projects are generally uncertain. 3. Ongoing success depends on gaining new knowledge. Monitoring is thus as essential to engineering as it is to Common Mistakes of Engineers ; Lack of established channels of communication. ; Misplaced pride in not asking for information. ; Embarrassment at failure or fear of litigation. ; Plain neglect.

Contrasts with Standard Experiments Experimental Control Engineering can be appropriately viewed as a natural experiment using unman subjects. ; The experimental subjects are human beings or finished and sold products out of the experimenter's control. ; Clients and consumers exercise most of the control because it is they who choose the product or item they wish to use. Informed Consent Two main elements: L] Knowledge - Subjects should be given not only the information they request, but all the information needed to make a reasonable decision.

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