They are self-awareness, self-regulation, titivation, empathy, and social skills . Self-awareness - The ability to recognize your own emotions and their effects In addition to being aware of your own self-worth and ablest. Self-regulation - The ability to adapt and handle change with flexibility while taking responsibility for your own actions and words. It Is Important to malignant standards of morality and Integrity at all times while being receptive to new Ideas.

Motivation - The ability to optimistic despite setbacks or obstacles that may present themselves during negotiations. It Is Important to remain committed to the goals set Roth and strives to meet the standard of excellence that you have set for yourself. Empathy - The ability to recognize how other people are feeling and reacting around you. Empathy is a key factor in negotiation as it is very important to watch the body language in the others around you.

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Being able to anticipate and recognize what others are thinking, saying, and feeling can lead to substantial progress when in difficult negotiation conversations. Social skills - The ability to use your communication skills in an effective way with team members. This is done by ending clear concise messages to group members, using influence to move negotiations along in a productive manner, collaborating with all team members to work towards common goals, and building trusting and lasting relationships with all team members.

Emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, but only when an individual understands how emotional intelligence is evident and useful in the negotiation process. Emotional intelligence is an assurance of an effective leader as it shows the ability to build maintainable relationships with team members. Without emotional intelligence, a leader is handicapped severely in his or her ability to perceive and react to the emotional component of communication and interaction with other team members.

This inability can and most likely will destroy their effectiveness. References: Akers, M. (n. D. ). What is Emotional Intelligence (CEQ)? I Psych Central. Psych Central. Com. Retrieved October 24, 2013, from http://psychometric. Com/lb/what-l's- emotional-intelligence-CEQ/0001037 Emotional Intelligence Paper By Ukrainian five major categories of emotional intelligence skills that people should be keenly win emotions and their effects in addition to being aware of your own self-worth and abilities.