An emotional intelligence nurse is someone who has the ability to identify, assess, manage and control her emotions and others as well (Wisped p. L). She is aware that by not being able to control her own emotions, this could bring negative consequences, affecting others as well and their surroundings. Someone that In the midst of a chaotic and stressful situation can remain calm, confident and secure due to possessing the skills necessary to deal with such.. I could also describe her as money full of positive energy and had learned to deal with negativity in her surroundings in a positive manner.

She is someone that not only has the ability to identify her own emotions and deal with this, but she is able to identify, understand, interpret and respond appropriately to other's emotions as well. Being able to understand how others feels can help her manage her patients better in to order to achieve a positive outcome. A cognitive intelligence nurse could have great intellectual skills and abilities but she might be lacking the emotional skills needed to address certain situations in her life and career.

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She Is able to think and rationalized without having to Involve feelings and emotions and this Is how cognitive Intelligence differs from emotional Intelligence. The ramifications for patients and family members having to deal with a nurse whoso emotionally underdeveloped could be devastating. First, being unable to identify and control her own emotions and personal feelings while dealing perhaps with a difficult patient and/or their families r situation could lead to a feeling of entrusted, insecurity and doubt about her abilities to fulfill their needs by the party involved.

You want a nurse that appears to be in control at all times and project a knowledgeably appearance. Being unable to identify her patients and/or family emotions could interfere with her abilities to provide for this patient appropriately. Consequences of not being able to master this could lead to inappropriate care, treatment plan, and missed opportunities to service this patient's needs to a full capacity. Not being able to fulfill these obligations could lead to poor or negative treatment outcome and patient dissatisfaction as well.

Members of the health care team may feel the pressure of having to deal with such colleague. Knowing that patients may not receive the quality of care and services they desperately need may prompt them to feel compelled and obligated to step in and provide some assistance. This can add on to the stress and burden that they already may be facing creating some resentment towards their colleague. As tension ay start building up, this could create a negative and stressful work environment for all. I have to say, at present, I am working with such colleague.

She appears to be stress at all times and everything is a big "messed" according to her. Her negative energy could be felt as you go by or approach her. I feel this is due to the fact that she is a recent graduate and still on the learning process. Her behavior has been addressed and measurements are in place to help her deal with this. She does appears to have great potential and we feel once she gets acclimate, gain confidence ND skills needed her status could change to being an emotional intelligence nurse..