Daniel Coleman contends that Emotional Intelligence can be critical to your success. In the article, Coleman discusses five of the major qualities of "Emotion Intelligence. " He first discusses self-awareness which he says is a key stone to Emotional Intelligence, which he explains means knowing what we are feeling and that this quality requires you to be In touch with gut feelings. Coleman also exchanges his views on mood management.

He states that his quality is bad as well as good and that we have little control when we are overwhelmed by emotion. Then Coleman goes Into self-motivation. He declares It Is to motivate you for any achievement. He says self-motivation requires clear goals and a can-do attitude. Coleman, In Dalton, talks about Impulse control. He states that It means the ability to delay Impulse In to a goal. Coleman says you can develop a resist to Impulse through practicing. Finally Coleman explains the last key to emotional intelligence, people skills.

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He explains that is a skill to know how others are feeling, ND that people transmit and catch moods from each other. I found out the hard way the mood management can be a plus in life. On the day of my lesson while I was trying to get off the bus, on my way to the store, an older man was being rude and I was already in bad mood. When I was getting off the bus and he was getting on we got into a little of a shuffle. I was trying to get off when he pushed me out of the way and yelled, "Didn't your mother teach you manners? " I was so angry that I yelled back at him, "Didn't your mother teach you how to read? As I pointed to the sign that said, Please let people get off before you get on. " After I got off the bus, I was shaking with rage. Then I thought, "This is Just stressing me out and I really don't need to be stressed out. " I then refereed the situation, something I should have done before I yelled back at the man. If I had mood management I would have Just ignored the old man and it wouldn't have made me more upset then I already was, also I that old man could have been having a bad day to and vented. I should not have vented an action which Just made his day worse. In conclusion mood management can be very helpful.