Organism information in a logical manner. Depending on the kind of information you need to present, this could mean following organizational patterns that emphasis a time sequence, a spatial arrangement, a cause and effect relationship, or a hierarchy, etc. Think about what organization pattern will be most appealing to your reader. 2. Use parallel structures to create balance and progression within your writing. Parallelism in writing refers to the repetition of structural elements in order to create a balance in the writing. This balance contributes to coherence.

For example, in the following sentence, gerunds verb+ins) contribute to the overall ease in understanding the writing. 3. Use appropriate transition words/phrases and conjunctions (co-ordination and subordinating) to connect ideas within sentences and between sentences and paragraphs Parallel structures can also be used among a series of sentences or paragraphs to enhance the coherence and balance of the writing. For example, when a writer begins each section of a report by asking a question he/she is creating coherence Detente ten Deterrent Stetsons. How to conclave conference In ten sentence? Avoid misplaced and dangling modifier.

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Misplaced Modifier word or phrase that modifies the wrong word. Example: Faulty: Listening to the radio, bits of news are picked up by the students. Dangling Modifier. One-word modifiers of nouns are usually placed before the nouns they modify Phrase and clause modifiers of nouns are usually placed immediately after the words they modify. Examples: The child, playing with his playmates, called his nursemaid to bring them his toys. I met the man who painted this exquisite artwork. Phrase modifiers may be placed at the beginning of the sentence that the noun or pronoun that follows is the subject of the word modified.

Example: Having been guilty of the accusations, he finds way for his way out. Two phrases or clauses which are parallel in form and which modify the same word may be placed either before or after the word they modify. Example: She is studying hard because she wants to please her parent's and because she aims for higher grades. Having gone to Baggie and having visited some of its places, I wished to have a house in one of those places. You may find this partial list of transitions and conjunctions helpful. There are many words that have not been included in each category.

Can you think of any other words? Transitions which signal a time relationship Before During After While Since At the moment By then First Next Then I reinstalls wanly slogan an example or AAA t 01 IANAL International Generally speaking In most cases Occasionally Especially For instance Specifically Frequently Sometimes Moreover Transitions that signal a contrast On the contrary On the other hand However Unlike Nonetheless Nevertheless Whereas Even though Although But Yet Regardless Transitions that signal a similarity Similarly Likewise Once again Transitions that signal a cause/effect Therefore

Consequently In other words Because As a result Due to Thus Practical Steps for Coherence Ask yourself the following questions when revising: For example Are your organizational strategies appropriate Tort ten Klan AT International you are presenting? If not, revise. 2. Are transition/con]unction words used appropriately? If not, revise.

In order to answer this question, do the following: Begin from the second sentence in your writing; Circle the word or phrase in the second sentence that links it to a word or phrase in the first sentence; Draw a circle around the word or phrase in the first sentence that arms the connection; Draw a line between the two circles; Then show the connection between the second and third sentence in a similar manner; and Continue on through the entire piece of writing noting the links between sentences, between paragraphs and between sections of the writing.

These links may look something like this: When the link is unclear or not there, it may be because there is a break in the coherent flow of your writing. If this happens, you will need to revise. This may involve:

  • a. Adding or changing a transition or conjunction;
  • b. Repeating a key term or phrase;
  • c. Making a referent clearer;
  • d. Creating parallel structures; and
  • e. Changing tenses and time words.

Is a balance in the structure of the sentence. In grammar, parallelism, also known as parallel structure or parallel construction, is a balance within one or more sentences of similar phrases or clauses that have the same grammatical structure.

The application of parallelism improves writing style and readability, and is thought to make sentences easier to process. Example Sentences for Parallelism Air travel is safe, fast and it is convenient. In this sentence, three attributes of air travel are sought to be enumerated in this entente. Of these, the first two are mentioned a single words (safe and fast), while the third is mentioned as an independent main clause. (It is convenient) I Nils sentence lacks parallelism In structure wanly error. The correct form is: Air travel is safe, fast and convenient.