Since then PEPS has become an integral part of Organization Development, Human Resource, Performance Technology and Training Development Professionals. This is because PEPS seeks to solve two of the most significant problems facing business today - individual Job performance & organizational competitiveness. While choosing the right Technology, the points we need to consider are: Cost of the technology in terms of monetary & Time.

Which is effective How easy this technology is for use by users How effective the technology is for implementation of desired results What shall be impact on participants while changing the way of working What shall be impact on performance of individual and organization How it will impact the behavior of an individual while making the change in way of being evaluated What type of training to be imparted while implementing What is the purpose of training - usage or up-gradation and a clear communication to team What shall be the target audience?

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Who shall be used as pilot team and why What all response is expected & preparing FAQ to ensure common communication What is trainers capability to handle such situation and be a change agent Checking if there is culture for e-learning What is kind of relations between trainer / training Vs. IT Team Vs. Implementation

Team What is the capability of team who is developing the PEPS Understanding of Development team on impact level of program on decision making If the developers are referring to History for enhancement or it's a new technology all together How much management team is aligned with driving performance via online tool To what extent should you involve all managers in the software strategy? Why? And when? How does management measure software activities? How are projects tracked and managed? Which managers are vital to the long-term support of new technology collaborations to improve software?

What are your greatest strengths in software engineering capability? What are your greatest weaknesses or risks? What controls or tracking methods are performed to recognize problems and mitigate risks? What level of planning is used to ensure that software engineers have the appropriate technical training? How would you describe how to keeps close to the internal customer? How do you keep abreast of customer preferences and values? How are your internal customers involved in ongoing software development efforts? Do you include customers and users in integrated product-development teams?