What Is the Impact of these changes on the training and development function? The scope of activities for trainer has increased leaps and bounds in these last 10 years. Traditional training methods have been replaced by technology based training methods. This in turn has increased the scope for the trainers to improve their competence to provide more interesting environment for learners and learning.

Some of the golden rules which time has taught to all trainer In these 10 years are: * Training activities and methodology should be simple and should be able to deliver the objective of the program right from the beginning. * Cost should be kept in mind while planning and organizing training program, since it erodes the bottom line of the organization. * The training need has to be identified by keeping in mind the training facilities available In the organization. * Training methods which do not ark should be avoided to prevent boredom In the training room.

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Besides this, some more factors have also contributed to change in the role of training functions. They can be classified into 4 topics: 1. Diversity In work force: demographic change has hit all organizations right from the entry level of staff. Most of them lack basic skills and they require extensive training and Induction at the time of their ]lolling the company. Moreover, attrition Is another factor which is plaguing across all industries, which is pushing organizations o resort to change the model of training and development and the methodology of training too. . Knowledge Explosion and Just in time learning: With growing globalization, just in time learning is becoming the collective term for identifying, locating, capturing and sharing relevant Information In a timely manner. Work and concepts not delivered on time falls In achieving the desired results and that Is why It is very important that the need for training be identified for the right people at the right time. Advance in information Technology and increase use of E-learning: To keep pace with the changing environment and on the top of learning graph, organizations expect their people to be competent by enhancement of knowledge and skill and learn continuously. The increased need of people and abilities also creates transfer of learning across departments In an organization. 4. Globalization: only Job opportunities but also increased the importance of training people in novel strategies and changed training needs.