The Board of Directors at 'Trends' is not particularly IT literate and thus all technical terms incorporated in your report should be clearly explained. Your work should be submitted as a well presented, word-processed document with headers and footers, and headings and subheadings. You are expected to undertake research on this subject (using books from the Library, ND resources available on the Internet - including your tutor's website at http:// www. Bedford-college. Co. UK/courses). Any sources of information should be listed as references at the end of your document and these sources should be referenced within the text of your document. Your report should be illustrated with screen-prints, images, tables, charts and/or graphics.

Criteria I Assessor's Comments I Achieved I I Task 1 - Analyses the impact, including the risks, of introducing an commerce system to an organization I Candidate's Signature: I I Date: I TASK 2 2. 2 - Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on society . 2 | Hand In Date: WBI 21 January, 2013 | Your manager at 'E-Solutions', has been asked to deliver a presentation at a national Digital Marketing conference to be held in a month's time. The subject will be 'The Global Impact of Commerce on Society. ' The audience will largely comprise professional marketers specializing in the digital market, web developers and e- commerce consultants. He has asked you to conduct extensive research on this topic and to produce a presentation.

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Your presentation should include case studies, statistics and other relevant evidence to support your arguments (2. ). Speaker's Notes. You may be required to present your work to the rest of your class. All sources of information should be listed as references. Your presentation should be illustrated with screen-prints, images, tables, charts and/or graphics. To meet the Merit criteria for this assignment technical language should be used appropriately and accurately.