If the users use other bank card with the other ATM, there will be charged a fee to complete the transfer whereas for the tax charge, it is subject to provisions of laws and regulations according to which user shall pay for tax and agreement. 9. 0 ISSUES There are several issues facing the e-banking industry today. Firstly, regarding the security problem that occur when online payments or transferring money from one account to another.

Most of the banks spend a lot of money and try to implement the latest network security software from time to time to ensure the security of the system is constantly in the maximum level. However, there are still having cases in which web surfers were unintentionally exposed to the financial details of online bankers. In addition, to get the benefits of e-banking, one should have access to the internet. For this purpose, the user should own a desktop, laptop or PDA device and an internet connection consequently affect to the low usage of the e-banking products.

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Last but not least, the other issue is regarding the customer care service. The brick and mortar banks have customer care representative who are easier to talk to, but in case of e-banking, in which the banks provide customers care numbers, the bankers find it hard to solve the problems. 10. 0 CONCLUSION Electronic banking is a stipulation to carry out financial transactions easily and quickly. Therefore, Islamic banking is encouraged to offer e-banking products as a way of coping with the enlargements of competition from conventional bank.

Notwithstanding, in order to make the e-banking products are efficiently used by customers, the bank have to mitigate the issues regarding security, operation and more as briefly explain in the table below. To the user I Security I Logout the account immediately after use the e- banking service and never log in the account at the public such as internet cafe©. Keep the ATM cards and PIN numbers separately and safely. I To the bank I Security I Collaborate with the national certificate company and high technology company to get the latest and sophisticated technology such as MASC. Trustee. Mom Sad. Bad. And Finesse Alliance International Opt. Ltd I I Operation I Monitor and supervise the system from time to time and separate the tasks in order to avoid the misuse action from the bank staff and also to reduce the fraud cases.