Time and attendance system are the modern-day equivalent of the paper time sheet or punch clock. This Electronic attendance is designed to explain how a system helps a teacher to keep an accurate attendance records for their students. An Electronic attendance system serves as a time log that Is set up as a computerized database. The complex ideas are presented and developed logically. Important terms are defined in an easy and comprehensible manner that the reader can easily understand. Illustrations and charts enable you to visualized ideas presented in the text.

Nowadays, further evolution of Information and Communication Technology exist but still there are establishment that uses the manual system and cannot achieve the desired outcome. And for that reason we then as a group wanted to have a change and the amend we wanted will be for its best.

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One of the best in these programs is that there is a log-in where only the professors can open their attendance sheet, Because, one of our goal is to make our school more advance. And we started it in a simple but reliable computerized attendance. Encountered a lot of problem in monitoring the attendance of the class by the teachers inside the classroom, instance inaccurate of records due to improper handling they used resulting too. So the Electronic attendance helps to provide S. T. I with automated attendance more accurate and have time efficiency and decreasing errors.

Many teachers Just checking the attendance of their students in a piece of paper or in an index cards that takes an amount of time probably around 20 minutes Just making an attendance ND the worse it is possible to loss it and never retrieve again and waste everybody time. SCOPE: * Electronic attendance system is a user-friendly * Can save all the information about the students * It easy to access, easy to handle or to handle * Ability to search to section and the subject the student enter.

It is easy to hack by an expert or a beginner hacker, because it a simple program and it has a poor security * It cannot be use if there is no electricity. * It cannot be use in a bigger school with a large number of student * Only the professor or teacher can use the computerized attendance monitoring This is only for IBIS and BPCS * There is no time and date included in the attendance. Technology- is the scientific method and or materials used to achieve a commercial industrial objective.

Hack- to break into computer and computer networks Accurate-is the degree of closeness of measurement of a quantity to that quantity actual value. Method- a sub routine that is exclusively associated either with a class or an object. It usually consists of a sequence of programming statement to perform an action, set of parameters to customize those actions, and possibly an output value of some kind.