It is the fuel that runs our lives and has facilitated our life style in many ways. Although it is impossible to mention all effects of technology in a single essay, most of them can be classified under three main categories. One of the effects of technology in our lives is the possibility of having more accurate results and fewer mistakes in our general outcome. Thanks to technology, while most works are done by machines, many human mistakes can be avoided; the sort of mistakes such as: those happening due to haste, lack of concentration and lack of experience.

Furthermore, even the most qualified people cannot avoid stakes sometime in their lives. Also, some other elements can cause human mistakes to increase in amount: Fatigue, sickness and emotional problems are among these harmful elements. By having works done mechanically, we can make sure to have the most accurate outcome without the influence of such harmful elements. In addition, technology helps us in exceedingly sophisticated calculations that are impossible for an unarmed person to do precisely; Such as the speed of light, the weight of an atom, etc.

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Another important result of technology is the remarkable increase in our financial paving. Thanks to technology, most works are done by machines rather than manually. As a result, there are fewer workers to work and to be paid for a certain Job and that would save a large amount of money for companies and factories. In addition, the age of technology with the possibility of mass production provides the opportunity to have more products with much lower price. Consequently, the products are sold to the customers with more suitable price.

Furthermore, the use of advanced technology like robotics and artificial intelligence has proved helpful in sigh-priced tasks like film making and space exploration. These tasks are too costly and sometimes impossible too be done without using technology. One more effect of technology is the possibility of saving more time. Technology has revolutionized the means of communication. So, instead of going from one place to another, communications are mostly done by means of cell-phones, e-mails and the internet. Shopping and paying bills can be done through the phone and the internet.

Transportations are done more quickly and more easily with cars, ships and airplanes being available. Another case is saving time by means of high-speed devices, such as computers. For instance, we can do a research by surfing the internet in a short time instead of wasting several months and years in different libraries. The importance of technology in our society is so extended that cannot be argued in a short essay, but these three factors of getting better results and saving time and money can be generally applied to any other effect of technology. Finally, it is impossible to live without technology.