Effects of sexual harassment Sexual harassment at work can have very serious consequences both for the assault individual as well as for other working women who experience it secondhand. Although economic loss can be calculated, uneconomic damage are hard to calculated. Damage for such matters as injury to feelings, distress and the effects of on the victim's relationships with other people are hard to calculated. Victim First of all sexual harassment is a type of sexual assault. Victim can suffer severely psychological and physiological effects.

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Depending on different situation, a sexual harassed victim can experience anything from mild annoyance to extreme psychological damage. As a result, the impact on victim's life, career and even family may be minimal, or it is probable to ruin their life and career and even family. Performance of on work or study could decrease by sexual harassment. Because when victim are working in the workplace, they are more sensitive on the surrounding environment. Such as if peer were talking about something, victim are more over sensitive on whether they are talking about herself and what are they liking about.

On the workplace maybe some peers' action is not offense, such as touch, some words and a Joke, which could make victim to consider that kinds of action as intentional motive. Some of victims become more silent after experienced sexual harassment, even though in the place where need them to report and discussed with other peers. Usually they are loss self-confident and cannot focus on their Job and work and more excessive anxiety and nervous. All of impacts result to lower efficient on the work and decreased performance. As a result victims probably hanged their Job or find another Job.

But here is concern that when they find another job and have an interview chance to talk about with employers. How to answer this questions "why did you leave your last Job? " Certainly when you tell the employers real truth, employers have to concern that can you deal with new Job environment? How about you get along with new peers. When employers commit give you a new mission, can you perfectly done it? I know this is not fair, but isn't it real situation? Therefore we can see what a severe for victim impact by sexual harassment. Absenteeism to avoid harassment or recover to well-being will increase.

Victims have to spend more time off work, drop course, and even relocated to new city. That meaner they probably loss their income and their Job and their friend. Meanwhile their family also faces critical challenges. Their husbands or wife have to follow them to change their current life and work and need to suit a new life and work. Their kids also need to change with family. There is another concerns that during the investigation. Victims have to repeat what happened when the sexual harassment occurred. They must describe it in detail in order to cooperate with the investigation, which add further damage on the victims.

Some of victim could suffer retaliation from the harasser or friends of the harasser. Usually receive threaten in the form of telephone or the letter. Even real damage happened, for instance, the harassers transfer victim to other Job position and abandon victims' promotion, or even fired victim. Even it happened that out of workplace the harasser destroy victim's car and damage in the individual of victim and even victim family. So victim have to left the place Tao new city. Harasser The most impact is on the career of harasser.

When the harasser was adjudged to really have action of sexual harassment, the company where the harasser work have to consider that leave the harasser to other position, at least in recent years the harasser would not have any promotion opportunity. And even the company fired the harasser. With background of having sexual harassment the harasser could not find other Job, there are not any companies are willing to hire employees with that background. If this happened on the senior manager, the big loss is that ruin their petition, they will loss thrust from employers, peers and company.

This will bring damage to harassers' family. They probably get a divorce or loss relatives or friends. They find themselves in the trouble of instability family. All of this result in harasser's psychological problems. Company Costs can be measured in both economic and uneconomic term. The consequences of sexual harassment on the absenteeism, goal displacement, loss in quantity and quality of work, recruiting and replacement costs, train costs, emotional or physical injury and turnover rates will bring most damage for company.

They negatively impact individual and organizational productivity. The costs to the federal government alone have been estimated at $267 million during 2 -year period, representing the cost of replacement, sick leave, and reduced productivity Sexual harassment can lead to depression, stress, the deterioration of self-esteem and self- worth, lower Job satisfaction, and abandonment of career opportunities for those who have been harassed. Such consequences negatively impact productivity. Sexual harassment has been linked to decreased Job satisfaction and can lead loss lot of Taft and experts.

Because if in the company it heaped sexual harassment, the workplace becomes unsafe, and hostile environment, especially for female worker. That environment result in increased turnover and lower efficient in the workplace. When this company will execute recruit plan, it could face critical challenges. Because of the reputation of this company is spread among candidates. Here is notice: if the problem is ignored, the company will suffer huge loss from clients, employees, potential customers and general public.