We live in the age of technology and the largest contribution of technology to us is the internet. Nowadays, all people use internet because internet is very useful for us. However, there are many bad effects of the internet, such as social life problems and health problems. Fistly, because of internet, people have many social life problems. People who use internet don't spend enough time their friends and their families. For example, when people spend a lot of time on the internet, they won't take care of others. consequently, they don't understand each other.

In addition, people who use nternet all the time, will be alone since they never hang out with their friends, they never go to theater or cinema. So they don't speak face to face with their friends. Also they won't meet new people because they always use internet at home. Secondly, owing to internet, many people have health problems. For instance, when people started to use internet, they chat with their friends, they watch movies, they play games and they don't sleep. If people always continue of this schedule, they will suffer from insomnia and insomnia is very bad problem for people because sleeping s necessary for all of us.

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Another health effect of the internet is inactivity. All people should do any physical exercises. Because of the Internet, many people spend a lot of time on internet instead of making sports and hiking. Therefore, they spot of movement and sedentary life leads to obesity. In conclusion, there are more harms rather than benefits of the Internet. When everything is Into account, Internet affects our health and makes us asocial. So, we need to use the Internet for useful things and we need not spend too much time on the Internet.