At the present time, technology has been part of our daily lives. The moment your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, to the time you turn on your air condition to sleep at night, these tell us that we are living now in the modern world. Technology is anywhere in anytime. It has everything to offer. The internet is one of the products of technology. It is the general term that we use, while the World Wide Web is the specific term. With the use of computer and other devices/gadgets (cellphone, iPod, etc. we can access the internet, and within the net we can go through different web ites that gives us information, services and entertainment. It can be applicable to all aspects of the society. It can be helpful in the field of politics, economics, religion, medicine, education, etc. For this study, we will focus more on the effects of using the internet for education, of how it affects the academic excellence of a student. Mostly right now, students made surfing the net not Just a hobby but a part of their lives, study, "student life". The library seems to be an old-fashioned to them.

You can rarely see student that holds a ook to research but instead their "notebook" or laptop, accessing the net. It really has a great advantage, with Just one click all the Information that you're looking is there right in front of you. Less effort and time rather than going to different places If you are to research. " With this easy access to the Information that we needed, thus, this make the students to study more or study less. This made them study more because of the linked information that will make you research more while this also can make them lazier, for they can be totally dependent on It, especially the "copy-paste" method.

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