With the onset of Internet, accomplishing day to day activities that used to take up a long time became easier and today, man cannot think life ithout Internet. As it goes, with every finding there Is always a positive and negative side that works on It. However the positives outcomes the negatives. To begin with, with the Introduction of Internet, communication has become a lot easier. Earlier when the mode of communication were letters and long distance travels, now by just connecting over social networking sites or putting across a mall, the reclplent gets the details that we wanted to convey with seconds.

The usage of paper could be reduced to a great extend with the onset of e-papers and one could get easy access o all the day to news details across the globe through the net and thus help in reducing the usage of papers and protecting trees. Another great aspect is in the education sector. With lots of information required for both references and activities, the internet is a wide platform where students could turn to for any information under the sky.

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There are the online public libraries, textbooks in all relevant topics and many more, where a student could Just get what he wants. Apart from acquiring information, when it comes to the travel sector, the internet has a great advantage. Earlier people had to wait in long queues for a travel ticket or any other confirmation for lodging and travel. But now, with Just a little access and a few clicks, you have the tickets available and also your accommodation at the destination is ready on your arrival, all with the help of Just a few clicks, from the comfort of your home.

All this possible only with the help of internet. In the business world, internet has become an irreplaceable tool. It could help run a business with Just one office and then have connections across the globe. Hiring employees has become so easy with the usage f Internet. Many business transactions and banking transactions are done through the internet these days. A bill payment Just takes a few seconds these days when compared to hours in the early years.

Purchasing items also has become easy, that you have a wide range of online websites that promotes daily usage products and one just has to like a product that he want to buy and there, you need not walk Into any store, instead purchase It online and enjoy the Item. For the new comers, every reference, be it cooking, baby care, parenting, fashion, latest trends or Just anything, ith a little surfing you get a whole lot of Information's that becomes valuable In times of need and all this possible only through the Internet.

With all these benefits, there Is a darker side to this great Invention. One major drawback Is that since It Is an open platform, there Is no differentlatlon for age and hence kids could take up the wrong sites for surfing Ilke pornography and negative Informative sites, false marketing of products and thus losing money without having any evidence to prove major drawback is that, due to over usage of the internet people could get addicted. For example, in the case of children, the game is one aspect that makes them glued to the system.

This would reduce their physical activity and their circle with friends and families would shrink, which would indirectly harm the child. Using the net in required situations is fine and over using should be restricted from a very young age. Thus internet is an irreplaceable tool in todays' world. The opportunities are Just so wide and ease at which communications could be done are simple, internet has come to be used even by children for its simplicity in usage.