Effective business communication is an essential component in today’s commerce. Without it, there can be little if any cohesion among employees, management and consumers. In order to establish this basis of communication within the workplace, employers have to abandon their supervisory egos in exchange for an atmosphere of openness, encouragement and teamwork.

In our workplace we must be able to communicate in a proper manner, be able to transmit our ideas in a way that is easy to understand for others… Most of the time we have to give some instructions or answer questions to elderly people and we must be aware that we have to be patient and explain in detail the message that we want to give in order for our listener to be able to understand.

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Also with our coworkers and other people we have to be able to communicate in a two channel model. This concept is easy, we have to be able to give instructions and explain procedures or ideas in a logical way, and always get a feedback from our listener to check if our message was understood.