?Education in the 21st Century From my point of view, education isn’t just about sitting in a class and acquiring knowledge given by a teacher. Education goes beyond books. What’s more, I believe that education has more to do with the fact of learning about the moral ideals of life. It’s about self-learning, but also about self-achievement. From an early age, we’ve been told that education is the key to one’s success in life. In my opinion, I think it’s important because education influences in your personality and your way of thinking.

It shapes you as a person with critical thinking and own point of view of the world. Because, otherwise, we would all be slaves of one mind-controlling group. Moreover, I also think that when you are educated and know more about the world that surrounds you, you can be more sensitive with other cultures, opinions, religions… Therefore, we aren’t bound to become numb to what we’re saying and start to understand what we used to ignore before. I believe that education is a global right that everyone must have.

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Students are formed to succeed in life. Nowadays, we live in a world of competitiveness in which only the strongest survive. Therefore, students are the ones who have to stand up for themselves and show their own individual potential. However, I think that the aim of education is to prepare students for the future by giving them lifelong values. In this day and age, our society is growing so fast that we have to keep up with the new technologies that are coming fresh. The 21st century is a new age and a new model of education.

We live in a world where virtual information is limitless. That’s why teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge. Hence, any lesson they create, no matter what tools are used, has to be relevant, challenging and engaging to students. Making students learn, though, is not only the teacher’s duty. Students don’t always understand by being told, but by doing, exploring and figuring things out. Thus, Students should be given the opportunity to explore their world, open their minds, and think outside the box.