RUSS to continue to grow it needs to effectively provide customers with the ability to easily purchase game consoles. Unfortunately, the existing web site lacks this functionality and is having a negative Impact on customer experience and company growth. The new site will need to enable customers to: Purchase game consoles online Quickly search for a rare collection of retro games Pay for purchases using Pay Track shipping and view order history Additionally, targeting the niche of out hard to find games, the website must feature original design elements, an easy to use content management system.

Fee Summary Service Item Cost Website design and development Original design elements Commerce capabilities Content management system Papal integration SSL security 1 Web hosting (per month) Search Engine Optimization services (per year) Total Fee Schedule The above pricing is effective through {enter date}. One half of total project fee is due upon contract acceptance with remainder due upon project completion. Monthly and yearly items will be billed one month in advance with net-10 terms.

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Next Steps To proceed with this project, Nautilus Law is required take the following steps: 1 . Accept the proposal as is or discuss desired changes. Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply. 2. Finalize and sign contract. 3. Submit initial payment of 50% of total project fee. Once these steps have been completed we will begin the project with a kick off meeting to introduce relevant personnel and begin preliminary project activities.