In today business, to understand the business model, here we look at the 3 different coffee been business environments. This is where the most 3 popular and famous coffee been In around the world. And lest look at the 3 coffee been industry website analysis . This report on evaluation of the 3 different website which belongs to the as following :- ( www. . COM ) San Francisco (www. San Francisco coffee. COM ) coffee-bean (www. Coffee-bean. COM ) MAKE SURE YOU print screen all the 3 web page Here. [pick] Websites Names I Coffee-bean. COM . COM I I Context Aesthetically / visually dominant

I Integrated I Information dominant dominant I Strong I Community I I Customization I San Francisco coffee. COM I I Content I Information I Limited Moderately customized I Highly customized I Communication I One-to-many, responding user lone-to-many, non responding user lone-to- many, responding user I I Connection I Hub I High I I Commerce After examining 3 sites of each interface design choices, these 7 Css framework shows the comparison of these three coffee beans fit in each of the different seven areas. Context It is the first element in customer interface, where . M and Coffee-bean. COM are integrated dominant website whereby carries the both beauty and informatics aspects. They are emphasis more on visual elements such as photographs, video graphic. For instance, . COM (T-mobile hot-spots) is the highest speed wireless internet access service and it can be access at (WAP). It helps customers to gain relevant information. But San Francisco coffee. COM is integrated towards aesthetically dominant website which is more concern about beauty aspect such color, multimedia graphics only rather then product information. Content

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The websites of these three Coffee Beans' are Information-dominant classification. These websites fit in this category because they focused on providing product and service information for its users. Community The both . COM and Coffee-bean. COM have a strong community whereby they are building high reputation and gaining customers' loyalty. For instance, @ 'corporate social responsibility contributes positively to its community and its environment. They also, strictly support to environmental policies such as recycling. Besides this, . Of providing coffee education to its customers whereby members to exchanging opinions, personal views and experiences. Tools here refer to, e-mails and @ 'press room'. In another hand San Francisco coffee. COM community is limited and smaller scope. Full reports on this available at official weapon. Customization websites are customized to some extent, often to make it easier and friendly user for customers to explore in it. However it is not so customized that these websites vary wildly with each user. But . COM and Coffee-bean. COM are highly customized classification.

These two companies site access (cookies) ND gather data by tracking user personal information on buying behavior. Once signed users return to site it will trace them without any knowledge of users and - may recognize without user's taking any action. It also provide, user with special pop out window to display the latest promotions going on. Communication The communication classification in San Francisco coffee. COM is one-to-many, non- responding user. The messages are usually informational where there is no means for customer response. But . COM and Coffee-bean. COM have been classified as one-to-many, responding user.