Drug Market Evolution Suddently Closed

If you thought Silk Road was controversial, then wait till you read about Evolution.

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Drug Market Evolution Has Closed Down specifically for you

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In a very short amount of time, Evolution had become the most sought after drug market in the world. It was established in 14 January of last year, and following an outrageously successful run, it has closed down all of a sudden.

The site is based on the anonymous Tor network, and was the place of almost 20,000 drug sales at the time it mysteriously and abruptly went off the radar.

This number is far greater than the one that can be attributed to Silk Road, proving that it was the hottest drug market in the underworld.

Besides drugs, highly innovative weapons of all ranges and abundant fraud material were sold in this website.

Reports say it functioned faster and more smoothly than any other outlawed websites of its nature and its originators were more elusive than any other cyber criminal before them.

Everything was going fine for this criminal website till it suddenly disappeared in thin air, and has since been unsighted.

The public relations manager of the website, known as NSWGreat, the administrators of the website have apparently scammed every single user of the website and are now nowhere to be found.

What is truly surprising is that the website, that is built to violate security all around the world, had security features of its own.

This means that the administrators of the website had access to a huge amount of money that was being transferred during the transactions made in the website.

All of this money has now been stolen according to reports coming in from the public relations manager NSWGreat.

He says, “I hate to the bearer of bad news, but I’ve been suspicious the past few days with withdrawals not working and admins usually are more forthcoming in explaining to me why they’re slow but they weren’t this time. Just kept giving me time-frames,”.

These remarks were made in Reddit post. The authenticity or the legitimacy of the comments cannot be verified at this point in time.

The person also revealed that the total amount of money that was stolen by the scammers could be quite possibly as hefty as $15 million.

He further goes on to say, “I have admin access to see parts of the back end, the admins are preparing to exit scam with all the funds. Not a single withdrawal has gone through in almost a week. Automatic withdrawals has been disabled which is only doing on rare occasions,” the PR added on the site.

“I am so sorry, but Verto and Kimble have fucked us all. I have over $20,000 in escrow myself from sales. I can’t believe it, absolute scum. I am giving this warning to you all as soon as I possibly could of. Confronted Kimble and Verto about it, they confirmed it and they’re doing it right now”.

The disappearance of the website has caused a huge dent in the community as millions of bitcoins have disapeared in the process.

BitcoinVOX Team kindly reminds people to use their bitcoins exclusively for lawful activities and not for criminal purposes, because despite the risks they take for themselves, they also hurt the growing and job-creating Bitcoin ecosystem.