Drug and alcohol abuse has become a major concern in the society, especially with regard to the youths. Drug abuse and alcohol consumption among the youths are constantly rising all over the world. The impact of alcoholism and drug abuse is very negative. For instance, an individual who engages in alcohol taking may become an alcoholic, have alcohol-related illnesses, such as kidney failure, and also may become a social misfit. Even though drug and alcohol consumption are not considered to be dangerous at the beginning, they can eventually cause a lot of damage to the brain and body as a whole (Austin 34). Alcohol drinking, tobacco smoking, and glue may all contribute to body harm. A number of drugs ruthlessly damage an individual’s capacity to come up with well informed decisions and choices. Youths who engage in excessive alcohol consumption, for instance, are at a higher risk of engaging in unlawful acts and risky behaviors such as having sex without protection.

My life experience serves to testify the effects of drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. When drunk, I was neither honest nor funny. On the contrary, I was untrustworthy, pathetic and scary. I would never accept that I was drunk. I would lie about anything, including my whereabouts. In a split of time, I would be transfored from a quite, humble man to a bully as well as a coward. I could rant without thinking about who I was addressing. A combination of alcohol and drug abuse brought the animalistic nature in me. I would be so ruthless and bitter to anything and everyone. Fights became a part of my life. I did everything to sustain this lifestyle. My education life became a fairytale as the school management could only hear my name but rarely see me.

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The thought and sight of marijuana, cigarettes or alcohol could make my eyes pop out with a lot of passion and admiration. I would quickly grab and put them in my jacket. I could not resist drugs. I would rather get them than eat. My life revolved around cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol. This combination brought the worst out of me. Lies became instantly and I could not resist a confrontation. One evening, I was so drunk that I got into a brawl. I only felt the consequences in the morning when I realized that my head had a cut. In addition, I had lost my documents as well as cash. Sooner than later, I was apprehended and thrown to jail for marijuana possession (Fisher and Berry 56).

The manner in which I had been treating my elders was despicable. With regard to this, no one came to my rescue. Instead, my parents were extremely mad with me for not heedding their advice. All along, I believed that drug taking and alcohol consumption was ‘cool’. My health was deteriorating at an alarming speed. Eventually, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. This marked the beginning of a life filled with hardships and desperation. Visiting rehabilitation centers became a routine that I could not avoid. I had become an addict of these substances. My body still has scars that were the result of the brawls that I got into whenever I was high. Whenever I could not take these substances, my body would really shake. I became unproductive since most of my time was spent in bars. I could con people just to get money to buy either a drink, marijuana or a cigarette. My lips became dark and rough due to smoking.

I did not live in peace with my parents. Whenever I was drunk, I went to the extent of abusing my parents. All this looked like a fairy tale whenever I was told. I was locked in jail for a few months as a courtesy of drugs and alcohol. When I got out, my lifestyle changed. Some of my friends who continued to take drugs had become mad; some had died while one was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was so lucky that my kidney case could be reversed. Since then, I learnt that drugs and alcohol are harmful, especially to the young generation. Therefore, youths should not engage in this.