Dragon Slayer
The musty odor lingered across his nose. "This was it, this was the cave" he whispered under his breath. He knew this would be a challenge. The entrance of the cave was scattered with the bones of many who dared entered. He knew he had to do this even if this was the last thing he ever did. The young knight entered the musty cave with all the silence of a stalking leopard.

The cave was a gloomy sight, even in the interior of the cave there were bones of many past knights. This was no ordinary dragon. This dragon had killed more then most and had experience in fighting. He was the most sought after dragon in the world. He has stolen more gold from castles and killed more royal families than any other dragon.

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This is why the young knight was here, his king sent him on this mission because of his daughter's kidnapping. The dragon snatched her off the castle balcony and took her to this cave.
The knight worked his way through the many winding turns of the cave. He knew this could either change his life or end it. The knight knew he had to stay silent and stay in the shadows. If the dragon would hear him it would be all over. The knight could sense the change in the smell as he went deeper into the cave. The smell was at first a musty old smell, the smell that most caves had, but this was different it was as if a rotten carcass had been setting in a warm room for weeks. He knew this smell; it was the smell of a dragon. He was near, so near he could feel the warmth of the dragon's body coming up the tunnel.
Then without the slightest clue of danger a ball of flame shot straight by him, so close he could feel the hairs on his face singe with the passing ball of flame. He knew this was a time for action. He ran as fast as he could towards the route the flames had come from.
No more than 50 yards of running took him into the dragon's lair. The lair was an awesome sight. There were more riches than any kingdom could imagine in a thousand years. The lair had the knight so awe struck that he had forgotten why he was there.
Then with such stealth and grace the dragon appeared out of the middle of the riches and there behind him upon a cliff was the princess. The knight knew what he had to do.
The knight drew his sword and positioned his shield upon his arm. "DRAGON! I'M HERE TO KILL YOU!" the young knight yelled. Then as fast as his sentence was over the dragon attack. The dragon swiped at the knight with his massive claw's nearly taking the knight's head off. With a fast role towards the dragon the knight was close enough to strike. He struck with such force upon the dragon's scales the sword broke in half, lodging the broken half into the dragon's flesh.
The Dragon screamed as the sword broke off into the dragon's stomach. The knight knew he had to move quickly. He ran as fast as he could toward a dead corpse that had been lying on top of the pile. The corpse was armed with a very heavy and brutal sword. This was what he needed to pierce farther into the dragon.

The dragon was tearing at the broken sword; not realizing the knight was sneaking up behind him to strike him in the lower back. The knight moved carefully but quickly towards the dragon. Then with out warning the dragon turned about and snatched up the knight, lifting him at mouth level. The dragon had the look of pure triumph, and then with the quick toss of his hand the dragon threw the knight into its mouth.
The knight quickly stabbed down into the dragon's tongue stopping him from falling down the dragon's throat. Then the dragon spit him out toward the cliff the princess was on.

"Princess, I am your father's knight and we must move quickly before the dragon realizes