The term database is correctly applied to the data itself, and is different from the DB'S which is a software system that allows to store and change the data. 1 . General View of the Database 1. 2. Aim of the Database The University of Biographic needs to improve the database information of student dormitory, the details are: 1 . The University has three floors. Each floor has six houses. Each houses contains two rooms. Each Room in first and second floor has six student while third floor has four student in each room. 2. There are three types of staffs who responsible for the student.

They are three security, one manager and three teacher. 3. There are three types of service in the dormitory; chef to cook meal for the students, laundry to wash and iron the student uniform and cleaning. There are 3 chef and laundry service and also 6 cleaning service. 1. 3. View of the Dormitory 2. Tables This table holds Household and gender information. According to this table: *Girls stay in 100, 101, 102, 200, 201, 202,300 ,301 ,302 Houses. *BOYS stay in Houses. This Table holds information about payment that student charge for. Payment types can change according to air conditioning and number of people stay in rooms.

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For Example if you want to stay in 4 person room with air conditioning , you have to pay 350 TTL per month. This Table holds information about is there any air conditioning in room or not and also what is the capacity of room. This Table holds information about which room takes which services. This Table holds information about monthly salaries of service and staff who responsible for dormitory. This Table holds information about service personnel's name surname and photos. This Table holds information about staffs name surname and photos. This Table holds all of the and roomed) about students who stay in dormitory. 3.

Queries Finds the ages of the each student. Sorts students according to alphabetic order. 2. 3. Delete a Student if you enter student ID you want to delete, you can find and delete the related record easily. 2. 4. Crossbar City Order How many student who stay in each room comes from same city. For example in housel there are 5 student comes from Istanbul. Houses are displayed. For example I entered 302 as household. Display students who stays in 302 . Finds students' quarterly birthrate with a crossbar query. Charges and details for each room. Displays names between "[A-SKI*" and female ones. 2. 9. Service and Staff Salaries

Displays salaries of each staff and service personnel. Which person is responsible for which service(laundry cleaning or chef) It is a parameter query which holds city information. If you enter Adding,for example, you will see student detail who comes from Adding.