There are a lot of studies, which prove that most parents are against video games. In fact, video games benefits is a topic that can generate many different benefits, This essay will show how video games can help society In three main fields; workforce (business), education and healthcare. Most of the video games gradually increasing play a role in business field, and they are engaging both customers and employees . Video Games used to achieve a business result and using video games a perfect way to create customer engagement or employee participation.

In thinking about the different types of games that companies are sing. The first Is a virtual environment that simulates the real work atmosphere Is 'Marriot International Hotel', which is brand awareness and educational tool that gives people a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a hotel and help recruit new employees for its expanding global network of hotel locations. The second game type that companies creating game zones and it's called POPCAP games, which used to appeal to potential Job candidates and where employees can relax and dismiss stress.

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According a study by the Entertainment Software Association shows that preparation employees by video games Is a better. heaper and more active method for private and public businesses, as well as providing a more engaging knowledge and experience for the employees. [1] For instance, Canon U. S. A uses video games to train copier technicians, and 18M developed INNOV8 [1], an interacting educational game to teach graduate students business and IT skills. Finally, we cant ignore the video games Impact on the marketing side.

Marketing increasingly through game advertisements [1], for Instance Sony Pictures' release of a nine weeks episodic online game to adveruse salt' before it hit theaters In July 2010. In brief, video games are benefiting businesses in several ways and doing the same process can help the society in the future. Video games have great positive potential in teach skills and they are helping to improve the education [2]. In other words, games can better equip students to be prepared for the complexities of life.

Also, They play an important role In education, health, civic engagement and the environment, among other areas, this was confirmed by President Obama , In his vlslt to TeachBoston Academy, a public middle-and high school said that he wants to develop "educational oftware that's as compelling as the best video game. " He follows, "l want you guys to be stuck on a video game that's teaching you something other than just blowing something up[3]. " Moreover, video games can also provide usefulness in their competitive nature.

For example 'Foldi' , a game about folding protein shapes into the most well-organized shapes. The objective of the game Is to fold the structure of Interestingly, video games motivate and encourage students to learn. For instance 'edu-tainment' is a media that helps children to get more experience and build their skills [2]. In addition, Ms,Cathy Davidso, Duke University Professor special opinion was that we can use video games to immerse players in history, science, civics and health. So in this way, 'Serious games' are emerging.

Significantly, video games have positive and good planning points that linked to the future [2], it can assist children in setting goals such as, ensuring goal rehearsal, providing feedback, reinforcement and maintaining records of behavioral changes. In short, games can be viewed as an important tool for teaching complex principles. There have been positive uses video games to improve people health. Research has prove that playing computer games can getting people health to high level, for example, benefiting special needs children. Also, some evidence recommended that important skills may be built by video games.

For example, spatial visualization ability (i. e. , mentally, rotating and manipulating two and three dimensional objects). In addition, video games have been used in comprehensive programmers to help severely retarded and handicapped individuals (Demarest), which used to help children's basic skills development such as, language skills, mathematics, reading skills and social skills. Furthermore, video games becoming a part of personalized medicine, helping and bringing smile to individual patients, doctors, nurses and physical therapists.

For instance, elegant puzzle solutions could help scientists to develop cures for diseases such as, Alzhaimer's, AIDS and cancers [2]. Interestingly, video games linked to brainwave biofeedback, which teaches patients to control normally involuntary body functions such as heart rate by providing real time monitors of these responses, games can improve children health in general [2]. For example, Packy and Marlon, an ducational game designed to improve self-care skills and medical compliance. Basically, health care providers will also benefit from many chances to use video games in management and avoidance some of the diseases.

To conclude, as we see that video games are not only for fun, they have benefit too. Video games can consider like a helpful tool because they are being used to improve society. Which Furthermore, it's clear that people should dismiss the concept of saying that video games aren't have only negative side and that games can be a force for good, significantly improving the lives of people in any society with diseases in brave new ays. Essentially, video games are a good tool that can change people life level to make it more comfortable.