People are subject to identify theft. All sources are not reliable. Some sites can give the computer a virus and hamper the functioning of the computer. There are some sites with images of well known people alongside products. This has happened to Dr. xxx who Insists that people are doing this without his consent and he endorses none of these. If the computer has a webcam, even If he computer is switched off people can spy on you and this Is an Invasion of privacy.

Children need to be supervised and their use of the Internet monitored, as they can fall prey to child predators. The use of the Internet can be addictive. People can become introverted and they are distracted by the Internet and do not Interact with other people In the home. People can sell defective products on the Internet. children tend to play games on the Internet and lack physical activity.

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This Is a factor hat is helping to cause childhood obesity and leads them to get type 2 diabetes during their childhood, when in the past this was condition that adults get. The music industry loses money as people tend not to but CDs but can listen to songs on the internet for free. Con artists can send emails to anyone to extort money from these innocent people. People can hack into your computer and get personal and sensitive information, for example credit card information and other banking details. ing the internet can affect people's health as it is necessary to take a 15 minute eye break every 4 hours and a lot of people do not do this. This can result in poor eyesight. People who work from home are isolated and lack human interaction. Not many people mail letters and cards anymore. This affects the postal service as there is a lack in demand, they have had to downsize their workforce. Email lacks a personal touch. Some people still like to receive correspondence in the mail.