Devices Types of Electronic Communication As technology becomes more advanced and affordable, we are often presented with new ways to perform old tasks. Many of these advances Improve the ways we communicate with others, allowing us to stay better informed and better connected. As these devices evolve, our communication methods will continue to evolve with them. Types of Modern Communications Devices When cartoonist Chester Gold gave comic strip detective Dick a two-way wrist audio, he couldn't have known that he was foreseeing the development of a variety of portable communications devices.

The digital revolution of the late century led to communications devices that make wrist radio seem quaint. Cellular Phones In 1979, the world's first cellular telephone network went on line in Tokyo, Japan. Similar networks spread rapidly after that, and by 2006, the majority of people in North America, Europe and affluent areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America had access to cell phones. Reportedly, 206 million people use cell phones In the united States, as of 201 1 .

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Smartness A smartened is small computer that also functions as a telephone. Although features vary by manufacturer and model, smartness typically include digital voice service, Internet access, email and text messaging. Other options include players, digital cameras and video players.

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