If I will be the employee I will do my part in the company, if I'm done with my work, then I can have the rest that I want. Even though the company is giving them the freedom, they have a goal to meet quarterly, or else they will be terminated. 2. Do you believe that such an employee policy as described in the case can succeed in other companies? Why or why not? It depends on the company's working style. Because these policy cannot be applied to all types of company. For example; School- of course the teachers are not allowed to Just come and go to the school whenever they want.

Online Jobs- these kind of Job usually don't have time limit, but if you will not meet the quota or something needed by the company, of course you might have a lesser salary or worse you will not be working anymore in the company. Still, these kind of policy really needs serious self control of the employee or discipline upon his/her work. Hence, these policy is a risk and need reliable and honest employees that can work that kind of policy with less supervision. 3. What special HARM conditions must exist for such a plan to work? Explain. How do o believe these conditions relate to employee motivation?

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In order for these policy to be working good and right, the company must give good motivation to the employees, for the employees to be motivated on their work and the employees will not be so "happy go lucky' with their Job. And one of the conditions I suggest is in every quarter reports if the employee meets the quota or goal, the employee will remain in the company. If the employee or team have an outstanding performance in the quarter and exceed the goal, the employee or team will be rewarded like.