Plan Project title Building a house List of activities FIFO Based on the customer's preference, research for the area, ground and building around Creating a temporary design Asking the customer for any additional requests or fixing points of the temporary design Completing the design Making an estimated value of the house Contract Applying for the government Starting the construction Setting up pillars on the foundation Creating the frameworks of the house Safety tasting Constructing the house

Completion of the construction Delivery to the customer Resources that is required for this project Human Resources Designer Manager of this project 5-?6 of project members 3 staffs for making the foundation 4 carpenters Machinery Resources A shovel car to dig the land Concrete mixer car for the foundation The carpenter's tools Electric drills Financial Resources The total budget of this project is $450,000 Breakdown of the budget will be employee wages, machinery hire, raw material purchase, electricity and plumbing expenses, color and painting expenses etc. Project purpose

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The main of reason for this project is because we received a request for building a house from a customer. Also it is simply for increasing the sales as business increasing reputation depending on how much the customer will be satisfied. Objectives We must achieve the customers' great satisfaction through providing their dream house. The house must be exactly what the customers requested without any failure or defects. Receiving a request from a customer.