Knowing this Information helps the employees responsible for Information management to make Informed choices about how to Implement technology. These decisions allow the manager to successfully use time and resources in apparently menacing tasks. This is shown in the two scenarios.

In the first scenario, a marketing assistant of a consumer electronics company is even the task of maintain booths for trade shows from the beginning to the end of the show, they are also responsible to solve any issues related to the product shipment that may arise. Knowing what information is important in making sure the right tools are used. Situations like those call for detailed lists of displays, equipment and booths are necessary, also how the equipment is going to be shipped and received. For example If a show is to be organized in Chicago with a requirement of one booth and display.

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The marketing assistant musk be certain that the booth with he display must be brought to the location In time and also be taken down and shipped backed for future use In the company. With knowing what the tracking number from the post office is a tab can be kept on the package through all stages of transport. Each show typically needs certain tools for maintaining information and tracking the equipment. Excel is a good way to start the tracking. However, it may not be useful with large sets of data and data that vary.

A database maybe a more useful choice because it can store all types of data and the marketing assistant can generate ports for future reference while making changes (changing the shipment time to make sure It arrives on time) In cases like this where only one person is responsible for a large database It Is a good idea to use a database management systems that are available across all department of an organization. This gives all the control to one person for several departments. This also prevents confusion when many employees come together to manage information.

When the marketing assistant faces the task of maintain and managing mass data elated to the show, there needs to be a decision support system (ADS) to help them in the process. A ADS can be describes as a computer system capable of assisting in the evaluation and determination of action plans by data collected from previous dealings of the company. The data is then analyzed by statistical tools for data interpretation. The process can help provide valuable Insights to marketing assistant in Improving future shows. In the second scenario, the objective Is the proper management of a consulting team consisting of seven members with technology.

Some of them work in the office and reached with equal effort. A way that this could happen is the use of a Wide Area Network or a WAN that could connect the employees across specific regions. Regardless of the employees' physical location, all employees would be able to reach the same information. Most consulting projects have strict deadlines and all the employees must be allowed access to equipment like the printers and scanners connected to the network. This could create some security concerns while working on the WAN.

It is possible that hackers could breach the network and put malicious alert or viruses on the devices. This of course could be prevented with certain programs that protect against mallard and viruses. A wireless connection is also a good idea when needing remote access. Wireless is similar to WAN in that it can provide access to employees to information secured in the workplace. A virtual private network or a VPN needs to be installed to deal with concerns for privacy. A VPN is good because it withhold sensitive information from non employees by giving them access rights.

This helps with incidents such as mallard or virus aerogram attacks which could affect functionality. Cost and features are important factors when choosing which route to go. The information regarding to wireless networks needs to help in choosing the right wireless network can be stored in an Excel document. The price cannot be the deciding factor when purchasing. Speed and security features are also important when deciding. It is important to make a list proportioning and listing features of the network necessary for the company. This way a wireless network can be found at a minimal cost.

Knowledge of technology that are made use of in a company can go a long way in helping supervisors and managers decide upon the tools to be used in a more efficient and smart manner. In the first scenario the marketing assistant is able to use a database to organize the information need for the trade show. The second scenario shows where WAN and wireless networking enables a consulting team to access data securely and on a strict time schedule with no regards to their physical location. These scenarios show the usefulness of technology in a business setting.