Guys, Life sucks, Johnny's dead! It seems like only yesterday Johnny came into our group a scared, small and weak young boy. In the last weak I saw a side of him that I didn't know existed. When Pony and Johnny showed up at Bucks on Saturday night. Johnny was a changed man. He seemed grown up with a purpose. He took charge and knew what he wanted. Killing somebody is maybe not the best way to grow up but for Johnny, it showed him he wasn't weak and going to let people walk all over him. I think for Johnny it was a life changing experience that, had he lived would have turned him into a strong, determined young man.

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The other day at Jay Mountain he told me that he was willing to turn himself in to allow Pony to be with his family. He wasn't scared anymore of what might happen to him, he Just wanted it to be over. When he saw the church burning and those kids inside, he didn't even hesitate a second. He knew that those kids' lives were worth so much and they had families that loved them. When he went into the flames with Pony he was fearless. If God could take Johnny, I don't know if I want to continue in this world. He was an innocent boy that had to fight for everything he ever got in life and his life wasn't so DOD.

I want you guys to remember me as the fun guy that was tough as nails. I might not always show you all that I cared but you were my family. I know what I am about to do might seem stupid to you but I want the cops who have always given me hard time to feel the pain that I felt when Johnny died and what better way to make them feel that than to make them take my life. Next time you see me don't be sad, know it exactly what I wanted. It has been a horrible week but now own the city. The Soc won't give you any more trouble so you won't be needing me anymore. Determined Young Man By Stephan