It means to say that consumer product demand vary time to time. For Instance, people were demanding simple refrigerator in their kitchen. Research has proved that women spend most of their time in kitchen. In this case they escaped from television program, news, reality show, so and so forth. Now people are demanding a refrigerator that can best fulfill cooling with television and music system features. In this situation a company's structured product design decision will work no more.

They are facing unstructured problems In which they have to develop customized product. By referring above example it can be concluded that to take the competitive advantage in this competitive world company should produce customized product and for that to append they should follow unstructured product design approach. 2. Describe and evaluate the process Chunk went through to change the way design decisions were made.

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Describe and evaluate the company's new design decision process. NAS: Chuck's design team created a standardized company-wide process that puts design their preference about aesthetics, craftsmanship, technical performance, ergonomics, and usability. Customers at first, Just go through the prototype and knows the product design when it become complete. If they like prototype then they will accept ND immediately make plan to buy the product and ask for the product development.

If they do not like the prototype they provide valuable suggestions according to their needs and preference. Product designer gets the baseline for the product development. This enables the designer to design and develop the product without any risk of failure. This kind of product design decision will work more. Indeed, it will make sure that there will be higher return on investment. 3. What criteria does Whirlpool's design team use in design decision? What do you think each of these criteria involves?