Denatures formerly known as Doral Dental is the third largest dental benefits administrator in the country. Denatures is driven by providing and improving the oral health of all. This paper will discuss Denouement's organizational design and what internal and external factors have affected the design and processes In the organization today. Also, how accountability has changed the way Denatures Is now operated. Denatures is driven by our mission to improve the oral health of all, to achieve a nation free of dental disease.

A nation where no child suffers from the pain f tooth decay. Where adults keep all their teeth for their entire lives. Where every person has access to quality dental care. Denatures Is the third largest dental benefits administrator In the united States, but we are one-of-a-kind In the approach we take to Improving oral health. The Innovative dental benefits solutions we offer to our clients are delivering better outcomes at a lower cost to more than 17 million members across the united States.

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We are developing new ways to Improve the effectiveness of care delivered through private dental offices, hospital-based clones, ND safety net dental programs through the research and clinical care practiced at the Denatures Institute. The Denatures Foundation is working with local, state, and national partners to raise oral health awareness and promote effective oral health solutions (Denatures, 2013) External Factors that have defined Denatures According to Allen (2012), organizational design identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems that are formed into the current business goals.

The process focuses on improving both the technical and people side f the business which leads to a more efficient organization that has considerably improved results and with employees who are dedicated in supporting the business. An organizational design ensures that the form of the organization must follow the purpose or strategy, meets the challenges that the organization is faced with, and increases the likelihood that the collective efforts of people will be successful.

As the organization expand there are internal and external environment that become more complex, businesses processes, structure and systems that once worked become barriers to efficiency (Allen, 2012). Denatures design focuses on several parts of the healthcare industry. We have business that focuses on the government and commercial part of the dental insurance industry. The government side of the business focuses on the Medicaid and Medicare programs In the several states that we serve. We currently are serving twenty-seven states for our government side of the business.

These states have a medical and dental coverage and have chosen Denatures to administer the dental plan for their members and providers. Most states wants us to greet callers as If we are there Insurance plans and then there are tastes Like Texas who has more than one administrator that would Like us to greet them as Denatures. We have four locations located In four states which are Wisconsin, Philadelphia, Texas and South Carolina. Our corporate office Is located In Boston, Philadelphia.

We also have a commercial side that offers coverage for members that are through their employers. This part Is housed strictly out of our Boston office. We also offer Quest to some of our markets such as Washington There are several departments that make up Denatures and they are as follows: Finance, Human Resources, Admit Services, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Quality, Sales and Quest. Each of these departments has an important role that they play in the overall organizational design to ensure work flows smoothly.

According to Denouement's Vice President of Operations Steven Pollack (Steven Pollack, Email, October 4, 2013 )how we treat our customers can either positively or negatively affect revenue, the culture of our company and ultimately, how a customers and associates feel about the company they do business with and work for. We tend to think of our customer's as external to the company, as members ND providers, accounts and brokers. But, in reality, all of us, as employees and colleagues are also customers.

We are customers of each other and how we think about and treat each other as colleagues and customers has the same affect internally as it does externally. Ultimately, service is a responsibility and a full time commitment for all of us. We are all in service, whether we are talking or meeting with our customers directly or not, we are in service. Internal factors that have defined Denatures In the healthcare industry technological advances are one of those factors that force facility to pursue constructive change that will improve quality (Cushman, 2001).

Denatures created from a scratch a million dollar system in order to serve all of our customers better. This system is used by all the departments at Denatures that work directly with customers. This system meets all the requirements that are accounts and brokers require. The system that we use is Windward. Windward has its issues Just like all computer systems and sometimes it will freeze and not come up which can hinder our business because than we can't provide services to our customers.

Personally I have had members that were having emergencies and I had to tell them to call back later because the computer system was not working correctly. The Information technology department is responsible for keeping windward up and running and when it fells they try to get it back up and running as soon as possible because our clients will be very upset and take it out on other departments that they work directly with. As far as how accountability has affected Denatures I would have to say that there is not enough accountability taken by the senior leadership for the issues that rise in my department specifically.

For example, the training will tell us how to answer certain calls and when it is changed we are not given this information in a timely order. If we do not answer the call correctly we are docked points from out Quality Assurance team when they listen to the calls. Than managers will sit at your desk and make sure that you are answering calls correctly. Personally they should just do their Job correctly and then we would not have these issues in the first place.