Design a web based online Appointment System for vehicle service centres in town to help with their appointment process. System- VATS - Vehicle Appointment Tracking System Design, test and implement an online appointment system for vehicle servicing centres. The first part of the project is to do a detailed literature search on the design of the online appointment applications. This review seeks main consideration that is really important to design a web based application. This research also has to find out the best technologies to be used and how these are related to the project. This research also needs to identify the system requirements for an appointment system which enable the customers to make appointment and enable the service centre staff to access the appointment details. Another aim of this academic project is to write a detailed report to identify the personal leanings, effectiveness of the system and the ease of use.


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To collect details and information and process about the system that the car service centres currently uses To draw a report detailing the design and implementation of a online appointment system and to keep track of online appointments made by the customers. To design, test and implement a web based online appointment system for car service centres and report the aspects of the project. To write a report detailing and evaluating the design, implementation and testing of the appointment system as a whole, drawing conclusions, and stating the significance of the findings. The evaluation of the system will include its advantages and effectiveness to car service centres.


As I'm a new driver and I recently bought a car, that made me visiting car servicing centres in the town for service the car or tire problems. When I visited the centres in the town, there I could identify that they all have problems with booking appointments. Even if I made the appointment over the phone earlier, sometimes I have to wait for long time to be serviced. Because the staff of the centre given an appointment at the same time I made the appointment with the centre. And when I describe the problems of my car over the phone, they will estimate the cost and tell me. But when the service is done the final charge was always higher than what they said. This experience made me to do research and design an appointment system.

I studied that APPOINTMENT refers, according to the Servicing Centres; it is an arrangement to have any kind of service at a Service Centre for a vehicle or meeting the vehicle Repairing Personal at a specific time for a special advice or checkups. (Encarta English, 2007). It is very important to avoid the misunderstandings and frustrations of the customers of the centre by properly scheduling the appointments. Normally an appointment is made over the phone or direct contact. It is being handled by a staff or an appointed person at the centre. So I have decided to design a system which enables the customers to make appointments online with Service Centres.

Nowadays IT techniques can be implemented in to appointment systems successfully. It will speed up the appointment process in a company. So it will save the money and the time. By implementing the web based appointment system in Service Centres, it will make the customers more easy and convenient. Customers can be able to sit at their home or work place and make the appointment according to their facility. It will increase the standard of the business. So implementing a web based appointment system is a good idea. It will make the appointment process much easier and much efficient.


In a car service centres, they are dealing with the problems and modifications of many kind of cars. They are repairing car problems, modifying car out looks and doing a full or part service car. In every car service centres there are many car problems are being handled by the repairing personal or mechanics. For example, Vehicle service (Full service- Engine, breaks, tires and oil changing etc. Part service- engine service only.), MOT testing, driving controls(Steering Wheel and Column, Footbrake and Servo, Handbrake, light switch and horn, windscreen wipes and washed),Exterior(suspension and shock absorber effectiveness, tyres and wheel, body condition, under bonnet, under vehicle, break performance, exhaust emission, air-conditioning etc. (Nationwide auto centre (n.d)). In general, all the well established service centres must have facilities for this.

MOT- It is the basic requirement for a vehicle to drive on the road. The MOT scheme is there to ensure consistent standards. The scheme is monitored and controlled by Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). (What is the MOT scheme?, 2008) MOT testing is being conducted 18,300 service centers currently. MOT tests can be carried out on your car up to one month prior to the expiry date of an existing UK MOT certificate provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test. (Car mot test, 2002)