Desert Island Giligan and the Professor when stranded on an isolated island in the Pacific did not get to chose the items that they would bring with them on there three hour cruise. Given the opportunity to choose what item that I could take when isolated on a deserted Island, provided that my basic needs where taken care of, I would take a bound notebook with a black pen. The items one could chose are greatly reduced due to the environment that they are being taken to. All electronic devices are eliminated due to electrical requirements that cannot be met on the island. Unfortunately the majority of items produced today require this amenity that we tend to take for granted and I am left with primarily items that where invented in or before the 19th century which are few and far between.

One of the most obvious and useful items that I have ready access to is a bound notebook and a pen. It is compact, very few if any moving parts to break, and has the potential to occupy the mind for extended periods of time. What other time in my life would I be presented an opportunity in which I would be able to have the time to sit on the beach all day and write about my thoughts and insights into human culture and ideas. This isolation with the tools of pen and paper almost have unlimited possibilities to occupy and make use of the opportunity given. The unspecified isolation with the pen and spiral would be a perfect time to write a novel that I always wanted to write but never had the time to get to.

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With no pressures about money or future advancements the opportunity would be present to perfect and write it in a manner in which would be unaltered from its original intended state. Many would jump at what was forth mentioned, to fulfill lifelong dream but they are caught up in the pressures of society to obtain and maintain a successful career. Taking a year or two off with the intention of writing would be a hard fiscal as well as physiological decision. What is need is an impetus that one cannot control like being stranded on a desert island to fulfill the dreams of the practical and conservative. If the pen truly is mightier than the sword just think of the possibilities one would be given, armed with the means and opportunity to strike with it.

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