Carybe by Hector Julio Paride Bernabo

Carybe is an attractive piece of painting having a dimension of 16.5 by 53 feet, due to its numerous fascinating features such as the use of bright colors to make it more attractive. The painting incorporates animal and humans, thus; symbolizing life existence and the ancient way of life. The animals are carrying human, and this illustrates the old mode of transport. Another notable feature in the painting is the existence of guns; this signifies the lack of peace and how human protect themselves through the use of crude weapons. The picture appears real as it contains elements of illusion since the animals in the center seem like they are in motion. The angle at which the image is drawn gives a clear view of the people and their animals.

The painting is an excellent creation that makes Julio fit among the group of distinguished painters in the world. His idea is unique and rare to find in any other place, thus; making his work outstanding since his style of painting is hard to copy. The fact that all the humans and animals are moving in one direction may symbolize unity among living organisms including humans and animals. Also, it illustrates the importance of animals as they can be used as a mode of transport, hence; encouraging humans to treat animals with dignity. The script of the painting is an excellent one since it tells various stories in one picture, the stories about security, animosity, animal importance, and the way of life for ancient people. Lastly, Julio enhanced the painting by using appealing colors that are catchy to the eyes; and one cannot miss staring for a while.

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