Anguish, fear, and sorrow, are emotions we all feel,
but never more strongly than in our adolescence.
When just having an acne-rabid skin,
One's acceptance by others, is a barometer of one's popularity.
If one is different, a misfit, maybe unattractive, un-athletic,
one is in for a lifetime of cruelty and suffering,
You see scars are souvenirs you never loose.

You can try to repress it. You can try to hold it back. You can try to deny it.
But it will still continue to grow... stronger, and stronger.
Like a malignant cancer, that can't be satisfied.
Each of us manifests our pain in different manners.
Whether it's three in the morning in bed... tears in one's eye.
Whether it's a need to destroy everything beautiful,
or just simply shutting one's self off from society.
My father never gave me what I needed,
so I understand what it's like to do without.
They should understand this. They should give what's needed.
I can see this. I can feel their pain.

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