Strategy is about developing a long term plan on an organization's direction and scope by deploying resources and competences to match the changing environment and achieve the best outcome. Enacting strategies is a key to succeed in wars, in nowadays business and even in marriages. Getting married is a strategic discussion because it is about binding the rest of the lives of two people and therefore has long term and significant implications of their future and possibly their generations. The consequences of a marriage are not only lasting but also relate to a large scope of activities in every dimension of one's life.

Because marriage is a matter so serious in nature, people always have to think twice before go ahead with it, most of the marriage is driven by rational consideration rather than irrational emotions. If people don't take time to think and discuss about the trivial matters which may possibly emerge after the marriage, disagreements and quarrels may arise and the marriage may turn sour, and this may lead to a possibly failure. Therefore the discussion of marriage should be comprehensive and thorough, pay attention to detailed operational activities.

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A decision has long term implications and affects long term position Getting married is a long term decision. Once one has agreed to get married, it means he would have to take a different position in life, give up the current lifestyle and start a new form of life with another person. It is also a compromise of giving up the future possibilities of marrying another person, and it will eliminate the chances of dating other attractive opposite sex. Marriage is a legalized commitment to one's spouse and the new formed family.

People are expected to implement the vow made at the wedding ceremony to take the responsibility of looking after each other, going through difficulties together, understanding and helping each other, be devoted to create a nice family between the two. Brings fundamental changes to one's life After a wedding, the lives of a married couple would be fundamentally altered from the way how life was conducted as a single. One is not only responsible for the life of himself or herself but is also responsible for taking consideration of the whole family.

They would have to spend less time with their friends therefore more time could be invested to the family. They have to try to work out an optimum balance between work and home. Incomes of the two are joined to maintain and pay the family expenses, making some savings also become important to support the future development of the family, such as paying for education for the children. If they choose to have a baby, then after the birth of the new baby, they would have to sacrifice holidays and many leisure activities in order to look after the baby.

Choose the time to get married is strategic It is strategic to recognize the timing of getting married. When people are young, they are facing many alternatives other than a marriage which can provide them with fun and entertainment; also they may be still at the stage of seeking the right partner. Marriage would automatically eliminate the choices of being with another person in future life. Therefore, when someone is still young and there are many other young people around, they are not worried of getting married.

Despite of this, a young person may have not accumulated enough financial resources to support a new family. A marriage would lead to setting up a new home that needs a place to locate and food to feed the members. Young people may have just started their careers and thus have not had enough savings to pay for a family's expense, and also they might not be psychologically prepared to be responsibilities of another person's life; therefore, a marriage has to wait until everything is ready.

When a person grows older, when one after another of his/her friends got married, he/she may start to realize that there is not much time for them to keep looking around because one's youth and beauty can not last forever and the choices of a spouse are becoming less. There is a socially constructed 'suitable age' for getting married, especially for girls in some cultures, once a person missed that age, he/she may find they are under the pressure of depreciation.

In addition, their parents, relatives and friends, realizing the importance of getting married at certain age, would try hard to push the person into a marriage. Choose a person to marry to is a strategic choice Because a marriage is to join one's lives to the life of another person, and the consequences might last through the rest of the one's entire life, even if they devoice, it might affect the choice of the next spouse. Therefore it is crucial to find the right person to marry to.