Lief - the king of Deltora.
Barda- chief of the guard
Jasmine- a wild girl that grew up in the forests, and is a very good friend of Lief and Barda's.

Lief, Barda and Jasmine have managed to stop the evil Shadow Lord, but some of his evil vile creatures still lurk in the land. As Lief tries his best to rule the land and make it peaceful and food to grow, he finds out that there are still some powerful evil creatures out there that make the land bad and unable to grow anything. Now the three companions (Lief, Barda and Jasmine) set off on another adventure to destroy the evil that lurks in the land, hoping to find the aid of the seven legendary dragons.

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During the book there are a lot of times when it seems like there is no hope but they never give up and in the end they manage to win. This seems to be the theme throughout many scenes in this book, and it makes the book more enjoyable because it's a positive theme.
I think this is a great book. I loved all of the Deltora Quest books and even though this is the 3rd series it is still great. The story line is good and the detail in which everything is explained is also quite good. I would give this story nine out of ten. I would strongly recommend you read the 1st two series 1st, to fully enjoy and understand this book.