Dell Computer Corporation has many different strategic resources that are very important in obtaining and keeping a desirable competitive advantage. It is relatively simple to obtain a competitive advantage in the fast paced computer industry, but it is extremely hard to keep one for a sustained period of time. Many companies can initiate an advantage through some innovation but it does not achieve all four guidelines for keeping the competitive advantage.

Dell’s first resource that they rely on is their relationship with the customers, suppliers, and partners. Dell Computer began in 1984 with the customer in mind. Their main goal was to establish a one-on-one relationship with everyone they associated with. This can be seen in the community involvement they have been apart of for many years. They have been awarded several different prizes for its environmental programs. Acts like this let the customer and potential customer know that the company cares. Dell has also formed relationships with other business partners. Dell, along with Bowman Capital; LSI logic, and others have invested in a new technology call storage applications.

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Dell Computers’s third important resource in attaining a competitive advantage is the company’s new technology. Dell balances the money allocated to research and development with the money allocated to products already in production. This allows them to produce a certain number of new products each year. This also includes improvements to older technology such as PC’s, laptops, and other items.

Dell’s second resource that they rely on heavily is their employees. Michael Dell, the owner of Dell Computer, believes that the employees are the most important factor in the equation for success. The employees are who build the relationship with the customers, suppliers and associates.

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