In a society, everyone should be equal regardless of their individual positions, achievements, race, or sex. Equality represents that each individual is free to develop their personal abilities, and make choices without limitations. Having equal rights, can dramatically increase success within the society. (IP) Understanding characteristic differences is more important than ever, as the United States becomes more diverse. Education, social, and gender equality, can all support a successfully stable society. All students, no matter what their gender, social class, and ethnic characteristics should have an equal opportunity to learn in school.

Because of these characteristics, some students have a better chance to learn. (IP) For example, hundreds of immigrant high school students without permanent residency status, are excluded from accessing the same tuition rates as their peers. Making it practically impossible for capable students to attend college. Which causes a major disadvantage among society, also reducing social interaction between different cultures. Social equality requires the absence of discrimination against a person’s identity. The way people behave socially through discrimination, affects the opportunities individuals can create for themselves.

People are sometimes considered disadvantaged, or non-important, due to their life circumstances. This belief is mostly caused by unequal accumulation of wealth. Keeping men and women from obtaining the same social goods. Gender equality is also an important human right, requiring equal participation of both men and women in the economy, as well as social life. It does not imply that women and men are the same, but that they have equal value, and should have equal treatment. Many countries now permit women to serve in the armed forces, while men are working in occupations that had been considered “female occupations”, such as nursing.

Overcoming the barriers of stereotypes, will support both genders to equally contribute to and from economic, social, and cultural developments. When women and men are considered equal, the economy can grow faster, and more successful. (IP) Education, social, and gender equality, can all support a successfully stable society. By understanding the differences of others, people can establish better communication. (IP) While also reducing discrimination among individuals. Every person, under all circumstances, should be treated equally. Therefore, providing equal opportunities, will significantly improve civilization.