This project guide is provided "copyright free" i. e. schools and colleges can distribute it to students in paper or electronic format (via a school/college intranet or website) and can make changes to the guide to meet the needs of their own sSome parts of the project guide contain information already published in other documents (books/websites etc. ) Where possible, I have aimed to acknowledge intellectual property where it exists and I appreciate having any oversights drawn to my attention.

Thanks to D. Yates at the KJS, Essex for his valuable input and suggestions in the construction of this guide. The KJS website www. thekjs. essex. sch. uk/yates/ contains lots of additional coursework resources that you should refer to when planning and implementing ICT6 (and ICT3) projects. This project guide has been designed to give you advice about completing the documentation for AQA's ICT6 coursework module. Before starting your project read the advice below from the AQA specification.

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The major project will require candidates to identify and research a realistic problem for which there must be a real end-user. (The candidate is not permitted to be their own end-user) The problem will be of a substantial nature and is intended to integrate the various skills and concepts developed during the course. The emphasis will be on the project being an open system of a cyclic nature, such as being repeated once a year or once an event.

The solution is likely to involve the appropriate use of a range of advanced features and functionalities. It is possible that these may be provided by a suite of generic application software (e. g. MS Office). To obtain high marks it is expected that the candidate's solution must accommodate the system's information flow and data dynamics. There is likely to be some consideration of initialising the system, clearing down data from the previous use, processing data, transferring data such as logging transactions and archiving data.

The project will involve the candidate in identifying a problem requiring information technology tools and techniques for its possible solution and then selecting the appropriate tool or tools for the solution of the problem. The emphasis in the major project will be on the candidate's ability to produce a high quality analysis and design and to document the solution in a comprehensive manner. ICT3 vs. ICT6?

The minor project (ICT3) can be a "task-driven solution" but the major project (ICT6) must be a "reusable system". Your system should be an MIS, which passes information to people who need to make decisions. In the major project, there should be more use of "advanced features" e. g. action queries, VBA, expressions, macros, and so on. It is very important, however, that you don't use advanced features for their own sake. You should use them appropriately. Your choice of project, therefore, is very important. tudents.